stereo stories

Gradually we fitted our disruptive personalities into the contemporary scene of New York. Or rather New York forgot us and let us stay.

“Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can.”


So wrote Jane Austen, BFF from another time to me, and nobody else, because nobody else in the universe—not fancy Oxford phD people, not obsessives who go to her conferences and wear corsets, NOBODY—understands her books the way that I do or loves her as much as I do, though you may continue to read her and love her with all your heart, we accept that, just so long as you acknowledge the fact that she is BFF to me and me alone, forever until the end of time and five minutes past that, thank you.

I’m in the midst of my annual summer reread of Pride & Prejudice, the most perfect, funniest and romantic book ever written! It gets better EVERY TIME! It’s just so delicious. How is it possible that some people don’t know this joy? What’s WRONG with them??????? Ah well, can’t think about that, time to drink another DELICIOUS BOILING HOT CUP OF TEA in AUGUST (air conditioners make NYC too cold!) and READ MORE JANE. TTYL Jane, see you in your book.

"It’s totally normal for your best friend to be an author born in 1775." —Me to me. *

* If I sound slightly crazy it just means you don’t have an annual Summer of Jane rereading party of one which, frankly, is your loss!

Dream house at Rainbow Lake
Rowing on Rainbow Lake
Inspiration at Rainbow Lake